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    Visible Illuminated Earphone


    Specification parameter:

    · Flashing with the music rhythm;

    · Glowing beautiful colors and shining with dazzling brilliance at night;

    · The earphone line is soft and it will not influence the luminescence property when bending, Folding or optionally tying a knot;

    · Glowing in 360 degree full angel;

    · Drive-by-wire function;             

    · Built in Microphone,Handsfree;

    · And a li-polymer battery;

    · Style: In-Ear;

    · Speaker size:¢10mm;

    · Communication:Wired;

    · Frequency response: 20-20KHz;

    · Impedance: 16Ω ±20%;

    · Sensitivity:98±3dB;

    · Rated input: 3mW/5mW;

    · Channel balance:≤3dB;

    · Plug:Standard 3.5mm Stereo Jack work with ipod/iphone etc;

    · Cable length:L=1.1 meter;

    · EL light work time:≥3h.



    趙先生 MR.Zhao
    David Yin Cici Cici Percy Johson David Yin MR.Zhao
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