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    "D" shape(semi-circle) EL Wire---Green

    Item No.: CK-ELW-01D-4.0-G(4.0 means Diameter, G means Color, Green)

    Product Name: D shape(semi-circle) EL wire- Green

    Baisc Diameter:4.0mm

    Baisc Color: 

    Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple/Pink/Grass Green/White/Lemon/Transparent Blue/

    Fluroescent Red/Sky Blue/Orange

    Work Voltage: 90-110VAC

    Work Frequency: 1,000-2,000Hz

    Work lifetime: 3,000-5,000Hours

    With a "D" shape (semi-circle) surface, then it can be easy to use glue, magic tape or some other adhesives when pasting EL wire on Car, PC or other place.
    趙先生 MR.Zhao
    David Yin Cici Cici Percy Johson David Yin MR.Zhao
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