Straight after their collaborative effort I Wanna Love you, Dr3am Ville gives their fans the next single off of WiLD iN THE ViLLE LP. This time the group goes inspirational putting out a positive hip hop jam to motivate anyone out there chasing their dreams. The song, Breakthru’ is going to be released officially as part of the World Hip Hop Market sponsored Afrik hip hop mix tape vol 3 that boasts of Heavyweights like Sarkodie n Aesop, from Ghana and Congo respectively. The tape drops on Saturday 24th.


Everybody dreams, the difference is what you do with the dream when you wake up! In a world full of competition, it’s simple, “no pain, no gain”. But in an industry guided by the principle, ‘before you get paid, you get played’, it beats logic just how much a brother has to go through before getting his share of the cake. The song is purposely done for all the dreamers out there trying to catch their dreams. No matter what you go through, just know it doesn’t come overnight, it takes awhile. And remember, people never want to make stars, they’d rather meet stars.


The song was composed by Dream Ville with lyrics n vocals from Mots, RonMixa, Crazzy Webb and R.H. The lyrics are powerful, aimed at the heart n soul, not just the body


Being a motivational song, it’s only logical for the track to be laidback, so its not the kind that you bang in a club. But most definitely something to listen to at the end of a working day (read Hustle) as you unwind.

Breakthru’ is done on a Crazy tunes Inclusive beat by Crazzy Webb(Dream Ville producer) while mixing and mastering was carried out by Ronmixa hence he is the Executive producer.

For more info about their new release visit: dmtville.wordpress.com/ //JanB Multimedia