New Music release: Dr3amVille – I wanna Love You


Exactly a fortnight after launching their first single, Dream Alive, at the Bogof, Dr3amVille is already on another wave with their new RnB track, “I WANNA LOVE YOU.” This time it’s a gentlemen’s affair as the VILLE presents RonMixa and R.H in this sensual single.

I wanna love you was partly recorded at their Nairobi studio but mixing and mastering was done in the U.S.A. The song was composed by RonMixa who also doubles as its Executive producer. It easily resonates with anyone who has ever hit the rave seen and bumped on the ‘lady in red’, sparking off that instant chemistry. And boy do we wish the dance could last forever! “It only takes one song to bring back a thousand memories”, said RonMixa as Dr3amVille added that they just getting started! RonMixa easily brings out that male sensuality as Rhyminn’ H adds that boyish machismo. Having done a number of fast paced tracks, this song clearly shows that Dr3amVille can get wild and still be able to experiment with laid back tunes.

“Watching them perform at the Hilton, I can confidently state that its just a matter of time before this group gets it straight.” – MURCUS OLANG’- MEDIA PERSONALITY

The song is expected to be on their international collaboration mix tape, ‘WILD IN THE VILLE’ and unconfirmed reports indicate that they may fly to Florida to shoot its visuals late on. DREAMVILLE. is an upstart experimental music group, originating from and based in Nairobi-Kenya with affiliate members in Dhaka, Gujarat, Florida, Comilla, Los Angeles, South Africa, Zambia and Indonesia. Currently unsigned, they produce their own music with the aim of exporting that fresh Kenyan sound to the global audience. I Wanna Love You is being released this week to all radio stations, both local and abroad.

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